VLSIcareer is a premier institute for higher learning in VLSI / ASIC design and verification. The training programs cover the advanced latest tools and technologies in VLSI training.

VLSIcareer revered institute in the field of VLSI/ASIC training aims to provide world-class education with an optimum level of research, creativity, and service for this sector. VLSI/ASIC Design and verification is an extremely challenging role, which will be developing the next generation Intellectual property.

Training in IOT
VLSIcareer Technologies is providing new generation technologies which enable advanced communication solutions to enable Machines and humans interaction possible through connected devices over the INTERNET. This new technology called an Internet of Things (IoT) changes our way of interactions with machines and their usage in day-to-day life. Vlsicareer Technologies is playing a key role in creating eco-friendly green solutions, while bringing the IoT technology closer to the people for improving their living standards. A recent study over worldwide suggests that in the next 10 years IoT is a key area where companies will be focusing to create smart technologies and adding millions of opportunities to fill the gap. More and more trained engineers capable of handling Information and Communication Technology ((ICT)-related jobs globally. Our Vision is to help engineers to acquire sufficient skills by providing training Program that prepares students and aspirants for gainful employment to these companies
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ASIC VLSI Design Course
A modern VLSI chip has grown remarkably to implement very complex designs, with today technology advent each chip holds billions of transistors, millions of logic gates deployed for computation and control, huge memory blocks, embedded functional blocks with pre-designed functions designed by third parties. How can engineer manage to handle such complex design in today's semiconductor technology? And the answer to this lies in the advent of HDL's and EDA tools support, the core functionality is described using HDL's and EDA tools takes an abstract description of the chip, and translates to logic gates a final design. This class focuses on various HDL's that will be taught during this course, along with design tools used in the creation of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) or System on Chip (SoC) design. Our focus is on the key representations that make it possible to synthesize, and to verify, these designs, as they move from logic to layout. is the front end RTL Design Course that imparts knowledge in ASIC design flows from basic architecture and trains the engineers extensively on the VLSI design methodologies, RTL coding, and Digital Synthesis process. Full front end design flow is taught along with digital logic fundamentals.
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This Course is designed by Vlsicareer to improve skills in embedded system design for fresh graduates and aspirants to start their career as an Embedded Systems professional. In this course, the fundamentals of embedded system hardware and firmware design will be explored. In the course we start basic microcontroller architecture to embedded processor selection, hardware/firmware partitioning, circuit design, circuit layout, circuit debugging, development tools, firmware architecture, firmware design, and firmware debugging will be discussed. The architecture and instruction set of the microcontroller will be discussed, and a wire wrapped microcontroller board will be built and debugged by each student.
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