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VLSI began in the 1970s.VLSI today has acquired the status of the most happening field in Electronics. It is a highly specialized field that has the power of integrating millions of transistors on a single Silicon Chip.VLSI field is highly technical and completely based on electronics.

Further growing technological requirements have created an unprecedented demand for design of VLSI Design. That fuelled huge demand for the professionals in this area of expertise.

There is an imbalance between the proportions of VLSI talent available amongst all youth WORLD and total current job opportunities for VLSI in the WORLD. Still, we hear that one cannot make a career easily in VLSI domain. But there are plenty of job opportunities in the semiconductor industries.

We have come up with a unique platform as a solution for this.

VLSI CAREER is 1 time complete solution for vlsi domain. Vlsi Career is a premier platform for higher learning in VLSI / ASIC design and verification/All the level Electronics based Jobs and evaluating the knowledge of VLSI skills like Digital, Verilog, SV, UVM and IP based Protocols which is available in one-stop solutions. The training programs cover the advanced latest tools and technologies in VLSI training. Vlsi Career revered platform in the field of VLSI/ASIC training aims to provide world-class education with an optimum level of research, creativity, and service for this sector. VLSI/ASIC Design and verification is an extremely challenging role, which will be developing the next generation Intellectual property.




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